Business Initiatives & Strategies
We are focused on expanding our position as an India-based provider of Engine Valves and Auto parts manufacturing services to major OEMs. To achieve this objective, we intend to continue to pursue the following initiatives.

We will build leading position in our industry’s fastest growing markets.

We will work relentlessly to reduce cost and improve productivity.

Service & Quality
We will deliver highest quality service and products so our customers turn to us first.

Operating Model
We will enhance the integration of our operations, stay true to our core values, and maintain a clear, common mission.

Our Key Strength
Research & Development

Research and Development is the foundation of our business through which we apply the most creative designs and engineering to craft new and customized products for the market of today and tomorrow. Our R&D activities help us in improving at the following stages:

Process control and improvement
Design and development of new techniques and
technologies Evaluation and development of new raw material
Ensuring and optimizing world class quality

An excellent state of the art infrastructure has helped the company to increase its range of products. The remarkable quality of Nextech products is supported by the fully integrated facilities from raw material to finished products and its metrology lab which consists of the highest technology in control and measurement equipment. Specialized technicians and qualified metrologists work incessantly to develop the best of the products using highly accurate tools.

Nextech leaders know what it takes to develop quality products and dependable business relationship required by our target markets and hence, years of pioneering experience in diverse engineering and manufacturing environments have given Nextech Management term a comprehensive technology vision as well as a strategic understanding of Clients’ behavior.

Customer Retention Strategy
Developing Brand Loyalty is the focus of our business as we measure our success through the continuing satisfaction and long term retention of our customers.

Customer Commitment
Customer commitment is the focus of our business. We measure our success through the continuing satisfaction of our customers
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