Q1. What is the lead time / delivery schedule?
A1. Orders for items from our regular product range can be executed within 4 - 6 weeks. For development items, the samples are usually submitted for customers' approval within 6 - 8 weeks from the date of receipt of technically and commercially clear and confirmed Purchase Order. The delivery usually commences within 6 - 8 weeks from the date of approval of samples.

Q2. What is the minimum order quantity?
A2. The minimum order quantity can be confirmed upon analysis of the drawings / samples which help us to determine the minimum quantity of raw material to be processed. Usually, it is about 2000 Valves per Order i.e if 2 valves in set then 2000 valves of each type 2000 inlet valves and 2000 Exhaust Valves.

Q3. What would the price be?

A3. We can forward our offer price after analyzing your drawings / samples (3 pcs. min. in each type).

Q4. What are the payment terms?

A4. If you are an overseas customer, our usual payment terms are: Irrevocable, confirmed Letter of Credit payable at site. If you are an Indian buyer please contact our sales department as payment terms are contractual.

Q5. What is the type of packing (primary packing and secondary packing)?
A5. The valves are coated with rust-preventive oil and then packed. The valves are then packed in attractive cartons. These cartons are then placed in primary cases (corrugated boxes). The primary cartons are then packed in a secondary package, i.e. a strong corrugated box or wooden case of suitable size. Our packing has been widely acclaimed as being one of the best in the engineering industry in India.

Q6. Can you supply the valves as per our material requirement?
A6. We can supply valves according to customers' requirement provided heat treatment parameters and metallurgical specifications are clearly defined.

Q7. Can you supply the items as per our desired appearance?
A7. Yes, provided surface finish specifications are clearly defined.

Q8. What are the quantities that you can supply per month / year?
A8. Presently there is a capacity for manufacturing 1 million valves and we expect to go up to 2.5 million valves by 2007.

Q9. Can you supply the items as per our requested schedule?
A9. Yes, provided lead time for development is acceptable i.e. 6 to 8 weeks and raw material is of normal specifications. In the event of the raw material to be imported into India, then the lead time of the imported material will decide the delivery schedule.
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