Valve manufacturing is more of an art than a science, Intake and exhaust valve are subjected to different stressed and sources of corrosion and hence different steels and hence different process are used in the manufacturing of these valves. We have standardized sequential process, to ensure precision and perfection of each product manufactured at Nextech

of Precise sizing of steel bars as per requirement for the forging
Friction Welding
Bi-metallic (magnetic, nonmagnetic) materials are welded on special purpose friction welding machines for exhaust valves only to achieve different hardness to work under extreme condition
electrically upsetting machines equipped with pressure and temperature controls maintains consistent flow of material that helps in forging with out changing the material composition.
High speed precision presses are used for accurate and high productions.
Stellite Welding Operation
A Cord of Special Satellite material is placed into the valve seat with special satellite welding process to improve the corrosion and high temperature wear resistance mainly in exhaust valve.
Heat Treatment
Electric furnaces are used to achieve a martens-tic structure of valves that releases stress developed during forging
CNC Machining
CNC lathe and Special purpose CNC machines are used to meet precise dimensions which decrease the prototyping and production cycles.
Surface Treatment
A layer of hard chromium or Tufftrided /Nitride or other surface treatment is done as per the application and requiem.
Special Grinding machines for seat and centrals grinding machine for steam are developed for maintaining the accurate dimensions of an engine valve.
Inspection Strict quality inspection is also performed in high-tech laboratory under highly-qualified engineers for quality assurance.
100% inspection builds confidence amongst packing staff to pack quality at valve in special packing materials
Valve manufacturing is more of an art than a science, Intake and exhaust valve are subjected...+
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