Mission & Values
Mission Statement
"To be a preferred supplier of high quality Engine Valves and manufacturing services to a group of leading OEM customers in the Automobile, marine and locomotive industries."

Nextech strives to help OEMs and manufacturers to lead their business through the design and manufacturing of high quality, innovative products.

Innovation is the foundation of our business. We apply creative design and innovative engineering to craft new and custom specified products for the markets of today - and tomorrow.

Corporate Citizenship
Corporate citizenship signifies our responsibility to the community and the environment as a company and as individuals.

Our Values
To continuously improve our products and service, we believe that a perfect understanding of the clients need is of crucial importance and also adhere to the concept of corporate social responsibility.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our service to our customers by enhancing our operational methods and through ongoing investment in both our people and machinery. To continue improve our products and services, we believe listening and communicating with our customers is of crucial importance. Through working together, we are able to build up trust and b partnership with our customers.
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