OEM Solutions
As an OEM, you can count on Nextech Industries Private Limited for innovative, quality products and solutions that can benefit your business in multiple ways. With innovative solutions and proven automotive expertise in Engine Valve manufacturing, we can help you increase productivity, improve profitability and achieve growth trough our Quality products and on time delivery.

We believe in build-to-order products and solutions that get the right product to the right customer in a timely manner.

Committed to delivering innovation, Nextech collaborates with its clients to help them achieve high performance. Our quality products, leading edge manufacturing facilities and technological expertise drive us to identify new opportunities and business process improvements.

Our Advantages

  • We bring experience, ingenuity and innovative solutions to work for you.
  • With Nextech Industries Private Limited as your single Engine Valve supplier, your business will benefit from greater component and system compatibility, more competitive and cost-effective product solutions.
  • Nextech Industries Private Limited offers unmatched capabilities and expertise - including proven product development and engineering experience: sophisticated product testing and dedicated manufacturing facilities.
  • Nextech Industries Private Limited offers full range of Engine Valves for virtually any engine application to meet different needs of our clients. OEMs seeking standard, proven designs and utmost convenience can count on us for components that get the job done. Manufactures that need a little more flexibility can turn to us for specialized models to meet specific needs. OEMs seeking unique product designs can rely on Nextech engineering to design, test and build components precisely to their specifications.
  • Nextech believes in protecting each party's investments in its technology and business. We always ensure the confidentiality of the proprietary information you provide to us, and will enter into confidentiality agreements as necessary.
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality products at the lowest cost to our OEM customers. To find out how a partnership with Nextech OEM Solutions can benefit you, please contact us.
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As an OEM, you can count on Nextech Industries Private Limited for innovative, quality products and solutions that...+
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