Our Unique Selling Proposal (USP)
Nextech is driven by quality & technology initiatives to become a vibrant, dynamic customer oriented global company.

Our manufacturing unit is one of the few units in the region, well equipped with CNC machines for machining of engine valves, which benefits us in reducing operating fatigue, human error and consistent and can achieve predictable machining time for each work piece. Since these machines are run from programs, running a different work piece is almost as easy as loading different program.

To ensure total customer satisfaction, we continue to upgrade our manufacturing technology and offer high value and high quality products at competitive price in a timely manner.

The need for higher-performance Engine Valves coincided with the advancements of manufacturing technology over the years. High-speed CNC machining allowed Engine Valve manufacturers to increase the prototyping and production cycles.

The first benefit offered by CNC machine is improved automation. The operator intervention related to producing work pieces can be reduced or eliminated. Many CNC machines can run unattended during their entire machining cycle, freeing the operator to do other tasks. This gives the CNC user several side benefits including reduced operator fatigue, fewer mistakes caused by human error, and consistent and predictable machining time for each work piece. Since the machine will be running under program control, the skill level required of the CNC operator (related to basic machining practice) is also reduced as compared to a machinist producing work pieces with conventional machine tools.

The second major benefit of CNC technology is consistent and accurate work pieces. Today's CNC machines boast almost unbelievable accuracy and repeatability specifications. This means that once a program is verified, two, ten, or one thousand identical work pieces can be easily produced with precision and consistency.

A third benefit offered by most forms of CNC machine tools is flexibility. Since these machines are run from programs, running a different work piece is almost as easy as loading a different program. Once a program has been verified and executed for one production run, it can be easily recalled the next time the work piece is to be run. This leads to yet another benefit, fast change-over.

Since these machines are very easy to set up and run, and since programs can be easily loaded, they allow very short setup time. This is imperative with today's just-in-time production requirements.

This has become our USP of Quality and precision and distinguishes us from our competitors.
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