Why Us?
Our company is guided by hard work, sincerity and a determination to excel. We are committed to provide best service and quality products to our clients. The company's perseverance with good quality has earned it the trust of customers all across the globe.

Quality is the utmost concern at Nextech Engineering. Every stage of the production process is consistently backed with systematic controls and inspection to meet the exact requirement of our customers. Our honesty, commitment and quality products have kept us on our toes to play a major role in this Industry.

Our commitment to you begins with advance quality planning, in which we identify your expectations and requirements and offer the best solution to suit your specific needs.

Innovation is the foundation of our business. We apply creative design and innovative engineering to craft new and custom specified products for the markets of today - and tomorrow.

O.E. Replacement Valves
Steel alloys such as Silchrome 1 (Sil 1) are used in many stock intake valves due to their strength at intake valve operating temperatures, relatively low cost, and the fact that they can be hardened at the valve tip for durability. Exhaust valves are made of 21-2N or 21-4N stainless steel, which offers greater high temperature strength and resistance to lead oxide corrosion.

Quality has always been the hallmark of the Nextech Industries Private Limited. Staying in tune with the times, the quality management systems have been implemented. The continuous quest of perfection with respect to technology, materials and application is powered by commitment to R&D. End result, better and more efficient valves leading to total customers delight.

  • Product checking.
  • Frequent checking of sample elements.
  • Dimensional approval of designs
  • Reception and approval of key pieces in the production.
  • Development and design of specific instruments.
  • Metrological and dimensional reports.

Specialized technicians are provided with highly accurate tools such as contour measuring instruments, form and positional measuring instruments, surface roughness tester, profile projectors, Qualified metrology staff also works in this area in order to achieve the best Nextech quality.

We have installed the latest technology to support our Research and Development and Manufacturing, which includes a CAD system dedicated to engine valves.

100% final inspection ensures the outgoing quality of our valves.
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